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What You Need to Know about Portable Air Conditioners

As the temperature rises and the great British summer approaches, there is often a need for additional cooling within a home or office space. A portable air conditioner could well be the solution for you, especially if cooling is only an issue in the summer months. In order to work out the correct size of the portable air conditioner you need to cool your space, there are a few things that need to be considered. First off, it is important to know the dimensions of your room, in cubic metres. Then you should... Read More


How to Fit a Radiator Cover

Attractive and practical, radiator covers are a clever way to cover up an ugly radiator. A stylish cover will change the look of your space and keep it cosier than ever. The good news is that fitting a radiator cover couldn’t be easier, making your home smarter and safer. With just a few simple tips you can transform your room and claim back lost space. – – Why install a radiator cover? The best thing about radiator covers is that they’re inexpensive and installation couldn’t be easier. You’ll transform the aesthetics of... Read More


Give Your Home Your Full Attention While Staying Indoors

Now that many of us are confined to our homes, we are spending unprecedented amounts of time at close quarters in our living spaces. While it is challenging, this enforced isolation actually provides a valuable moment to take stock and undertake DIY improvements that you may have been putting off.  In addition, you may want to purchase fixtures and fittings online to enhance your home and increase comfort levels for the family. Here we explain how we can help you cope. – – Choose an angel chair for easy style... Read More