The Best Ways to Keep Cool when Summer Hits

It may still be spring but it’s better to prepare for the hot summertime now rather than when it’s too late. By getting your cooling equipment sorted out sooner rather than later, you eliminate the risk of being unable to find any due to high demand in summer. From self help tips to units that will keep your whole household cool, these ideas can help you get through the summer without overheating!

Pedatsal fan in room

Air Conditioners

The best way to keep the entire home cool is to use an air conditioner, a device which can pump cold air around the surrounding space. These devices are the most effective way to keep cool but will require electricity. Our range of air conditioners come in a choice of sizes to fit any space, and some even have multiple functions such as dehumidifying, humidifying, and an oscillating fan, making them more useful than a standard air conditioner.

Pedestal Fans

The classic cooling gadget, a pedestal fan is an effective and affordable cooling device, making it a great alternative to the more premium priced air conditioner. While the fan may not produce cold air, the breeze created by its rotating blades will help to cool you down when the heat is too much to bear. There are also some clever home hacks – such as putting a tray of ice behind the fan – that will produce a similar result in circulating cold air if your budget doesn’t stretch to an air conditioner.

Cooling Towels

Great for taking with you on the go as well as for using at home, cooling towels are the most cost effective way to keep cool but they do sacrifice the length of their cooling power for this. While initially they are fantastic, they do get warmer and should be considered as a secondary option after a fan or air conditioning unit or if you need to keep cool outside of the house.

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