Greatest Father & Son Golfers of All Time!

Golf is a game that has been passed down the generations by tradition, with golfing parents passing the baton to their children in the hopes of them following in their footsteps. With the notable exception of Greg Norman – who was inspired by his club champion mother – most often it is the fathers who inspire their sons to pick up the clubs. Below are the greatest ever father and son golfers that the game has ever seen.

father and son golfers

Old Tom Morris & Young Tom Morris

Without a doubt, the Morris father-son duo were not only the greatest in golfing history, but they were also both massive pioneers in the sport, taking it to a whole new level of skill. Both Morris men won the game’s oldest major four times each, keeping the Morris name at number one spot for eight Open Championships. Old Tom Morris lived a long and successful life until he passed at age 86, paving the way for golf as we know it today as well as the evolution of St. Andrews from a decrepit state into a wealthy one. His son Young Tom Morris was not so fortunate and tragically passed away at the age of 24. Of course, this was devastating for everyone that knew him, but it was also devastating for the game of golf as such a talent had left it. It makes you wonder what would have been if he was able to continue his legacy, working with his father closely as he did before he died.

Willie Park Sr. & Willie Park Jr.

From the same era as the Morris’s, Willie Park Sr. and Jr. were another influential father and son duo, taking a total of 6 Open Championships altogether. Park Jr. claimed 2 titles in 1887 and 1889 while Park Sr. claimed 4 in 1860, ‘63, ‘63 and ’75. While his father was predominantly a record holding golfer at the time, Willie Park Jr. went on to become a golf writer and course architect, with his first book called ‘The Game of Golf’ still being a popular read today. He took to golf design in his mid-30’s just as it started becoming internationally recognised and had a total of 170 designs credited to him in the British Isles, Europe, US, and Canada.

Percy Alliss & Peter Alliss

Without a doubt, the Alliss family are one of the most influential family pairs from the UK. While they may not have claimed any major titles, they still came close, placing top 10 in many of the tournaments as well as being chosen to play in the Ryder Cup on many occasions. Percy and Peter did taste victory quite often however, taking a total of 46 tournament victories altogether for the Alliss name. After retiring from being a professional golfer, Peter Alliss went on to become a broadcaster for golf, later to be known as the ‘voice of golf’ and earning his rightful place in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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