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Hollywood Mirrors are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only are they great for their lighting advantages when it comes doing your hair and makeup, the lights can also create soft lighting in the room, setting a relaxed atmosphere. Our Hollywood Mirrors also have a stunning aesthetic, complete with a glamorous, vintage appeal, all while still remaining modern and fresh. Keep reading to find out why you should swap out your standard vanity mirror for one of ours! – – Easy to Use Controls All of our Hollywood Mirrors... Read More


How to Care for Your Hollywood Mirror

Hollywood mirrors are great for adding to your beauty routine, whether that is getting ready for work in the morning or getting ready to go out on the town. They provide effective and even lighting to allow you to clearly see your work, making it even easier and quicker to get ready. Over time however, your vanity Hollywood Mirror may need some TLC as with use comes wear and tear. There are some things you can do to prevent the need for repairs, but most of the time it will... Read More

Hollywood Mirror 15/12/2022

New Hollywood Mirrors: Vintage Style For The Modern World

Our highly regarded Hollywood Mirror range has just been expanded with 6 new styles that are ready to add the glam into your glamour routine! Whether you’re looking to adorn your vanity desk or dressing table with a round light up mirror, or you are after a wall mounted Hollywood Mirror to compliment your bedroom wall, our extensive selection is sure to contain something for everyone. – Why Choose a Hollywood Vanity Mirror? Choosing a standard vanity mirror over our beautiful Hollywood Mirror range is like choosing to have a... Read More


5 Reasons to Complete Your Beauty Regime with a Hollywood Mirror

Do you ever get frustrated with your morning makeup routine due to uneven lighting causing your eyeliner to look lopsided? Or maybe you’ve had to cancel a night out because it’s impossible to blend your eye shadow in a dimly lit room? You’re not the only one. Plenty of people around the world face this dilemma every day, causing them to not feel quite like themselves. With a simple change of equipment, you can make a big difference to your routine and how you’ll feel once you’ve finished. With a Hollywood... Read More

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Get Your Home Ready for Autumn & Winter

As the seasons change and the days get shorter and colder, our homes need to change accordingly to help us deal with the inevitable chilly temperatures. There are many small changes you can make to your space that will have a big effect, bringing feelings of warmth and cosiness to get you through the cold months. Keep reading below to find out how to nurture your environment and make it homely and relaxing. – – Heating Your Home The most important thing to check and prepare for in autumn and... Read More