How to Care for Your Hollywood Mirror

Hollywood mirrors are great for adding to your beauty routine, whether that is getting ready for work in the morning or getting ready to go out on the town. They provide effective and even lighting to allow you to clearly see your work, making it even easier and quicker to get ready. Over time however, your vanity Hollywood Mirror may need some TLC as with use comes wear and tear. There are some things you can do to prevent the need for repairs, but most of the time it will just require some attention to get it working its best.

Hollywood mirror close up of bottom corner

Where to Put Your Hollywood Mirror

As a preventative step, picking the right place for your Hollywood Mirror will ensure that it is somewhere in which it will be free from the risk of damage. When choosing the perfect spot, you want to ensure that the chosen surface for it is sturdy, stable, and supportive of the mirror. You’ll also want to take into consideration the risk of anything else coming into contact with your Hollywood Mirror in that selected space; if you get dressed in the vicinity you may hit the mirror while doing so, or if it’s in an often-used pathway, it could be prone to being bumped and knocked.

Cleaning Tips

No one likes a dirty, smudged mirror. It can make the reflection distorted and uneasy to see, making the mirror almost redundant. While dust, loose make up, and sprays will inevitably fall on the surface, you can still get it spotless in no time with the right equipment.

The first and foremost important item you will want for cleaning your mirror is a microfibre cloth; this will allow you to get a streak free finish. Next, you want to either make your own glass cleaner or just use a shop bought one as these are specially made to not leave any residue. With your cleaner, spray the mirror and use a soft damp cloth to wipe any dirt and dust away, following up with your microfibre cloth to polish it over and leave it gleaming. Once finished, check the surface from every angle possible to ensure that no marks are left.

Hollywood Mirror Maintenance

You may not need to conduct any repairs to your mirror throughout its lifetime, but it may still need some maintenance to ensure it is working as it should. This would mainly involve checking that all the bulbs are working and, if your mirror has replaceable bulbs, replacing any that have burnt out. You should also check over the entire mirror for cracks, damages to the frame, and the integrity of any other parts. Catching a fault early may make it easier to repair or prevent from worsening, saving you money in the long run.

Protecting the Cable

The source for the power to your Hollywood Mirror, the cable should be kept in perfect condition without the risk of being pulled, tripped over or damaged. When installing your mirror, you’ll want to make sure that it is in an area where the cable can be kept out of harms way, preferably behind the surface that you are putting it on. If it can’t be tucked away, then cable clips can be installed to keep it from sticking out and becoming a hazard.

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