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Stand Mixers: 7 Reasons Why You Need One

Whether you’re new to kitchen or looking for a new way to prepare your food and baking ingredients, you’ve probably heard of a stand mixer. But what exactly can a stand mixer do and how can it help you in the kitchen? In this post you’ll find out all about the benefits they can bring as well as ways you can use them that may not be commonly known. Keep reading to find out more! 1. Effortless Mixing Stand mixers are the best and easiest way to mix your ingredients.... Read More

Hollywood Mirror 16/08/2021

New Hollywood Mirrors: Vintage Style For The Modern World

Our highly regarded Hollywood Mirror range has just been expanded with 6 new styles that are ready to add the glam into your glamour routine! Whether you’re looking to adorn your vanity desk or dressing table with a round light up mirror, or you are after a wall mounted Hollywood Mirror to compliment your bedroom wall, our extensive selection is sure to contain something for everyone. – Why Choose a Hollywood Vanity Mirror? Choosing a standard vanity mirror over our beautiful Hollywood Mirror range is like choosing to have a... Read More


How to Care for Your Hollywood Mirror

Hollywood mirrors are great for adding to your beauty routine, whether that is getting ready for work in the morning or getting ready to go out on the town. They provide effective and even lighting to allow you to clearly see your work, making it even easier and quicker to get ready. Over time however, your vanity Hollywood Mirror may need some TLC as with use comes wear and tear. There are some things you can do to prevent the need for repairs, but most of the time it will... Read More


Choosing The Right Cooling For Your Space

With the weather warming up and the sun coming out of hiding, you may be left overheating in your home if you haven’t properly prepared your cooling solutions. With so many different options available on the market it can become confusing trying to pick one. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you select the right type of cooling you need, whether that’s a fan or air conditioner. – – Which Room Do You Need It For? Most domestic cooling devices – such as air conditioners and fans –... Read More


Blended Beverages to Quench Your Thirst this Summer

The weather is cheering up and the temperatures are rising which may leave you searching for the perfect drink to quench your thirst. Sometimes a lemonade or glass of juice doesn’t quite hit the spot, still leaving you feeling parched and in need of something more refreshing. With these drink concoctions that can be made in our Nutri Personal Blender, you can fight summer thirst and have a refreshing drink on hand whenever you need it. Homemade juices and drinks are healthier than store bought ones, giving you full control... Read More


How to Find the Perfect Radiator Cover

Radiator covers come in many different styles and sizes, so choosing the right one for your home can be difficult and confusing. By thinking through your decision you can find the best possible radiator cover, adding to your home rather than detracting from its decor. With this guide you’ll be able to find the ideal one. – – Measure Your Radiators The first step to choosing the right cover for your radiators is to measure them. If you don’t measure them, then you risk getting one that will be too... Read More


Discover Our Hollywood Mirror Range

Hollywood Mirrors are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only are they great for their lighting advantages when it comes doing your hair and makeup, the lights can also create soft lighting in the room, setting a relaxed atmosphere. Our Hollywood Mirrors also have a stunning aesthetic, complete with a glamorous, vintage appeal, all while still remaining modern and fresh. Keep reading to find out why you should swap out your standard vanity mirror for one of ours! – – Easy to Use Controls All of our Hollywood Mirrors... Read More


World Baking Day is Coming Up!

May the 17th is World Baking Day, giving everyone a great reason to make and enjoy some tasty treats with their loved ones. Baking is an extremely fun hobby with millions of people around the world doing it in their spare time. Not only is it fun to do but eating the finished product has got to be the best part; indulging in sweet baked treats, yum! – – Cardamom Buns A fragrant and delicious treat that’s perfect for lunchboxes, these cardamom buns offer that hit of sweetness when you... Read More


The Best Ways to Keep Cool when Summer Hits

It may still be spring but it is better to prepare for the hot summertime now rather than when it’s too late. By getting your cooling equipment sorted out sooner rather than later, you eliminate the risk of being unable to find any due to high demand in summer. From self help tips to units that will keep your whole household cool, these ideas can help you get through the summer without overheating! – – Air Conditioners The best way to keep the entire home cool is to use an... Read More


How to Personalise Your Radiator Cover

Adding your own touch throughout your living space is the difference between a house and a home. This can be achieved through bigger changes like redesigns but, for a cost effective option, you can also change small elements to create your own unique atmosphere. One of these changes could be personalising your radiator cover, turning it from a plain decorative addition to an eye-catching display piece. – – Paint or Repaint it If you’re looking for a radiator cover that’s easy to make your own, we would recommend our unfinished... Read More