How Does Playtime Help Your Little One’s Development?

It may just seem like fun and games, but playing is essential to your little one’s development, teaching them to be active as well as improving many of their skills. They will also learn a lot of life skills while playing and these will become second nature to them for later in life. It is very important, however, that their play is unstructured, and they are allowed to make up the rules and take control of their play. Removing the dictation of an adult maximises their fun and, most of all, learning.

Kids playing outdoors

Developing their Physical Health

Active play works especially well for developing your little one’s physical health, but if they are moving around while playing, any way of play will help. Physical activity will keep their body healthy by getting their blood pumping and oxygen to their organs. Getting them active can also help to build their muscles and physical skills, from learning to kick a ball with accuracy and power to lifting their body weight when climbing on playsets.

Developing their Coordination

Kids can improve their coordination through play which will help them throughout their lives. Whether it is playing with a ball, on a scooter, or riding a bike, children learn to control their motor responses in line with what they see. This improves their reactions and motor skills which can then be transferred to everyday tasks, from playing sport in school to driving when they are older. Our ride on toys are perfect for this as they have low danger risks while increasing their awareness and hand-eye coordination.

Developing their Social Skills

Your little one will learn valuable social skills as they play with others, teaching them how to interact effectively and confidently. As they are having fun and sharing their experiences with others, they will learn to express themselves while taking control of their emotions. This will develop their self-discipline as they begin to figure out sharing, taking things in turn, and adapting their play to fit everyone rather than just themselves.

Developing their Creativity

Imaginative play is excellent for aiding in the development of children’s creativity as they make up games or add their own spin to their current favourites. The beautiful thing about children is their innocent imagination, so nurturing this is extremely important for developing them as a person and helping them grow into the best person they can be.

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