How to Personalise Your Radiator Cover

Adding your own touch throughout your living space is the difference between a house and a home. This can be achieved through bigger changes like redesigns but, for a cost effective option, you can also change small elements to create your own unique atmosphere. One of these changes could be personalising your radiator cover, turning it from a plain decorative addition to an eye-catching display piece.

Radiator cover with wood vinyl wrap

Paint or Repaint it

If you’re looking for a radiator cover that’s easy to make your own, we would recommend our unfinished range – but fear not if you’ve already purchased a pre-finished one. No matter what finish yours has, you can still paint and decorate it however you want. If you are a fan of pastels, why not paint each panel with a different pastel colour to reflect your current decor. If you’re talented with a paintbrush then you can be as creative as you want with it, adding a pattern or picture that reflects who you are.

Wrap it

When we mean wrap it, we don’t mean covering it in wrapping paper, but rather with a vinyl wrap. They are easy to put on and most can be adhered to any surface of your choice. With a range of designs available – from wood to carbon fibre effect and more – you can get any vinyl wrap you can think of, giving you free reign over how you want your cabinet to look. Our personal favourite is a wood vinyl topped white radiator cover; just wrap the top shelf, leaving the rest of the cover exposed for a stylish contrast.

Things to Remember

Whenever altering your radiator cover, make sure that you dismantle it and work on each piece separately to avoid it all being stuck together by paint or vinyl wrap. You’ll also want to make sure any holes are kept clear from debris and paint as this could prevent any screws or dowels from fitting in correctly. Most importantly though, make sure that you let out your creative side and have fun with it!

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