Radiator Covers


How to Personalise Your Radiator Cover

Adding your own touch throughout your living space is the difference between a house and a home. This can be achieved through bigger changes like redesigns but, for a cost effective option, you can also change small elements to create your own unique atmosphere. One of these changes could be personalising your radiator cover, turning it from a plain decorative addition to an eye-catching display piece. – – Paint or Repaint it If you’re looking for a radiator cover that’s easy to make your own, we would recommend our unfinished... Read More


How to Find the Perfect Radiator Cover

Radiator covers come in many different styles and sizes, so choosing the right one for your home can be difficult and confusing. By thinking through your decision you can find the best possible radiator cover, adding to your home rather than detracting from its decor. With this guide you’ll be able to find the ideal one. – – Measure Your Radiators The first step to choosing the right cover for your radiators is to measure them. If you don’t measure them, then you risk getting one that will be too... Read More


What Makes Our Radiator Covers a Cut above the Rest

Radiator covers have risen in popularity in recent years as an easy, hassle free way to cover unsightly radiators without paying out thousands to get them replaced. With the rise in popularity comes a rise in production of the covers, leading to an increase in availability from lots of retailers. Not all radiator covers are made equal however, so ensuring that you’re getting the best design to amplify rather than hinder the effectiveness of your heating is vital. – – Premium Quality at an Affordable Price Many radiator covers available... Read More


Why You Should Buy a Radiator Cover

Radiators, whether we like them or not, are a necessity in homes everywhere, providing heating to us in the colder months when a jumper and blanket won’t quite do. If you think that your heating doesn’t look the best, you could get your radiators replaced, or if you don’t want to spend a bomb, you could buy a set of affordable radiator covers to hide them away. Here are a few reasons why we think radiator covers are great and why you should bless your home with them! – – They’re Attractive... Read More

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Get Your Home Ready for Autumn & Winter

As the seasons change and the days get shorter and colder, our homes need to change accordingly to help us deal with the inevitable chilly temperatures. There are many small changes you can make to your space that will have a big effect, bringing feelings of warmth and cosiness to get you through the cold months. Keep reading below to find out how to nurture your environment and make it homely and relaxing. – – Heating Your Home The most important thing to check and prepare for in autumn and... Read More


Do oak radiator covers stop heat coming out?

If you are considering purchasing a radiator cover for use in your home, one of the first questions you will probably have is will it impede the heat from the radiator? We will look to address this question, as well as a couple of related issues here. Frustratingly, there is no definitive answer to our question. Some covers can stop heat coming out, if they are poorly designed and not an appropriate size for the radiator they are covering, but others are less guilty of getting in the way of hot air... Read More


How to Fit a Radiator Cover

Attractive and practical, radiator covers are a clever way to cover up an ugly radiator. A stylish cover will change the look of your space and keep it cosier than ever. The good news is that fitting a radiator cover couldn’t be easier, making your home smarter and safer. With just a few simple tips you can transform your room and claim back lost space. – – Why install a radiator cover? The best thing about radiator covers is that they’re inexpensive and installation couldn’t be easier. You’ll transform the aesthetics of... Read More