Home Styling


How to Personalise Your Radiator Cover

Adding your own touch throughout your living space is the difference between a house and a home. This can be achieved through bigger changes like redesigns but, for a cost effective option, you can also change small elements to create your own unique atmosphere. One of these changes could be personalising your radiator cover, turning it from a plain decorative addition to an eye-catching display piece. – – Paint or Repaint it If you’re looking for a radiator cover that’s easy to make your own, we would recommend our unfinished... Read More


Get Ready for Life After Lockdown

The recent hopeful news of things starting to slowly go back to normal has got us thinking: we’ve been in this for so long, how do we get ready for life after lockdown? As the restrictions ease, we’ll be able to adjust back to normality, but to make the process easier we have thought of some ways that you can prepare for the changes. – – Getting Ready to Get Ready Being confined to your home may have caused you to forget how to get ready to go out. With... Read More


How to Make a House a Home

Modern living had us all rushed off of our feet and always on the go until the pandemic struck; now many of us are confined to our homes with very little else to do. This has been both a blessing and inconvenience as we are stopped from socialising in the same way as we normally would. What could be considered a blessing, however, is that we have now gained the time to be able to nurture our houses, making them feel more like the home that we love to spend... Read More


Take the essentials to university: Kettle, toaster, Hollywood mirror

Our homes are our sanctuaries so leaving home for the first time to go to university can seem daunting at first. But with some careful planning and some things that remind you of home, you’ll be able to develop your own sense of space and home, and ultimately build your new sanctuary. – – Hollywood glamour Once you’ve unpacked you’ll want to show off your space to people back home. While your space might not be as big as a Hollywood movie star’s, there’s no reason not to adopt some... Read More


Give Your Home Your Full Attention While Staying Indoors

Now that many of us are confined to our homes, we are spending unprecedented amounts of time at close quarters in our living spaces. While it is challenging, this enforced isolation actually provides a valuable moment to take stock and undertake DIY improvements that you may have been putting off.  In addition, you may want to purchase fixtures and fittings online to enhance your home and increase comfort levels for the family. Here we explain how we can help you cope. – – Choose an angel chair for easy style... Read More