E-Scooters: An In-Depth Look

Electric scooters – or e-scooters – have gained notable popularity in the last few years, popping up everywhere as privately owned models and rentable ones. We are still waiting for privately owned adult e-scooters to become legal for road and cycle lane use in the UK, but we are hoping that this will take affect very soon. They are a greener method of motorised travel, so with them becoming legal for commutes and leisurely journeys, we will be able to cut our carbon footprint from travel by up to 50%!

E-moto 250w electric scooter

High-Performance Motors

The main aspect that makes electric scooters so good are their powerful electric motors. They are intricate little machines that pack a punch, allowing the motorised scooter to accelerate quickly up to a top speed of 25km/h. Using a rear hub motor on our range of e-scooters allows them to get better traction than a front hub motor would. Rear hub motors are positioned at the back of the scooter, powering the rear wheel to push you along. This will keep you gripped and secure to most surfaces, even if they are slightly slippery.

Responsive Braking

Our e-scooters are fitted with highly responsive brakes that are activated by using the lever on the handlebar. This makes braking extremely easy to control as you can slowly contract the brake to control the speed in which you slow down. The brakes featured on our models of adult electric scooters are disk brakes with callipers. This is because of their durability and high stopping power, meaning they’ll last and remain effective for longer. The rear wheel cover also doubles as a brake, being able to be pushed down using your rear foot to come to a stop. While you will mainly use the handbrake, the footbrake ensure that you can safely stop if the handbrake is not effective enough due to it being worn and needing to be changed.

electric scooter rear brake

Long Lasting Batteries

To power the high-performance motor, you need an equally high-performance battery. Luckily for you, we have ensured that this is included on our range of electric scooters. The batteries housed inconspicuously in the frames power the scooters to last for impressive distances, ranging from 17 to 28 kilometres. These are lithium-ion batteries which are notorious for being lightweight and retaining their power capacity for longer than other battery types. They also charge faster than other batteries, giving you a charge time of around 4-6 hours depending on it’s capacity.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Controlling our electric scooters couldn’t be easier. They feature a thumb throttle which makes accelerating and controlling your speed easy to do, especially as you won’t have to let go of the handles to do so. You can also set the scooter to your desired mode, from slow and steady to fast. The LED screen housed on the handlebars displays your selected mode, speed, battery life and range. This gives you all the information you need for your ride readily displayed in a safe place, limiting your need to take your eyes off your path.

electric scooter handlebar display

Hard-Wearing Materials

To keep our e-scooters performing at their best for as long as possible, we have sourced the best materials possible for our range. From the strong and durable frames to the grippy wheels, we endlessly tested and compared different versions to decide which the best would be to maintain and aid performance. All of this testing has resulted in our quality range of electric scooters for adults that, once they become legal for road use, we are sure will be the go-to choice for greener travel.

Strong Folding Frames

Crafted from extremely durable metals, the frames are created using aluminium and steel. This ensures that the e-scooters will support you on the move without the risk of them becoming weak and braking as you’re riding them. The aluminium frames are more lightweight than the steel ones, allowing them to be carried much easier but at a reduced weight capacity that they can carry. The steel frames allow more weight for the scooter to carry, but as steel is a denser metal than aluminium, it is heavier and will be harder to carry.

folded electric scooter
folded electric scooter

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