New Hollywood Mirrors: Vintage Style For The Modern World

Our highly regarded Hollywood Mirror range has just been expanded with 6 new styles that are ready to add the glam into your glamour routine! Whether you’re looking to adorn your vanity desk or dressing table with a round light up mirror, or you are after a wall mounted Hollywood Mirror to compliment your bedroom wall, our extensive selection is sure to contain something for everyone.

Why Choose a Hollywood Vanity Mirror?

Choosing a standard vanity mirror over our beautiful Hollywood Mirror range is like choosing to have a bowl of chips over a 3 course Michelin star meal; it just shouldn’t be done. You’ll be astonished at the beauty that can be achieved by using our Hollywood Mirrors thanks to the even lighting that they provide. They will allow you to see clearly and evenly in various light settings so that you can perfect your look for every occasion. As well as they mirror itself being amazing, so are their prices too! Our high quality but cheap Hollywood Mirror selection makes these glamour icons accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our New Hollywood Mirrors

While our selection has always been inclusive of a range of sizes, shapes and finishes, we have decided that this wasn’t quite enough. After coming to this conclusion, we expanded on our Hollywood Mirrors to bring you some brand new additions to ensure that we can cater to everyone’s taste. Below are all 6 of the new Hollywood Mirrors that we have added, so keep reading to find out exactly what it is that makes each of them special.

Marilyn Hollywood Mirror


The Marilyn, in all of it’s glory, features a white frame surrounding the mirror to house the lights. Because of this, she is one of our only light up vanity mirrors that feature this design making her a truly unique model among our range of Hollywood Mirrors.


Lucille Hollywood Mirror


The Lucille is a stunning new take on the circular Hollywood Mirror. She features a halo LED light that surrounds the mirror rather than the classic light bulbs; this creates a gorgeous, modern aesthetic with clean lines.


Dorothy Hollywood Mirror


A Blast from the past! The Dorothy Hollywood Mirror is all about it’s predecessors with it’s classic styling. She features bulbs around the edge of the mirror to bring you an old but gold addition to your vanity desk or dressign table.



Looking for something more compact? The Mae Hollywood Mirror may just be fore you. Another unique addition to our range, Mae features bulbs down the stands while the mirror is designed to rotate up and down. Due to this you can get the perfect angle every time.


Claudette XL Hollywood Mirror

Claudette XL

Part of our XL vanity mirrors, the Claudette seeps sophistication and elegance. As a proud owner of this Hollywood Mirror you will be able to get the perfect look with ease. The large mirror area paired with the bright bulbs allows you to get a full scope on your look.



Our popular Clara Hollywood Mirror now has a sister. Introducing Rita, she is a tall beauty that will make getting ready to go out as fun as actually going out. Pick her for a stylish vanity mirror that will give you a clear view of your gorgeous work as well as your outfit!


If you’re in need of some better lighting for your beauty routine then look no further than our exceptional yet cheap Hollywood Mirror selection. Furthermore, if you want to add one but are finding it hard to make a choice, check out our entire range to see if there may be another that catches your eye. We are also open to equiries from Monday until Friday – 9am – 7pm – so feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help!

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