Should I Buy an Oil Filled Radiator or a Electric Heater?

When it comes to keeping warm in the colder months, you need a portable radiator that you can take with you wherever you are in your home. Heating bills can become very expensive if you’re using it day in and day out, so a smaller and portable electric option could benefit your pocket as well as your cosiness. The 2 main contenders for the best portable heaters are oil filled radiators and convector heaters. Both of these designs are effective ways to heat your selected space vs the entire house... Read More


Keep warm while working from home with an oil filled radiator

Having waved goodbye to the blistering summer heat, it’s time for crisp autumn days and cosy winter evenings snuggled up at home. With more of us also working from home combined with the unpredictable UK weather, it is important to consider how to keep warm efficiently and economically.  At Jack Stonehouse, we have a range of portable oil filled radiators that keep you toasty without having to heat the whole house with costly central heating. – – What is an oil filled radiator? Our oil filled radiators are small, portable and efficient... Read More


Do oak radiator covers stop heat coming out?

If you are considering purchasing a radiator cover for use in your home, one of the first questions you will probably have is will it impede the heat from the radiator? We will look to address this question, as well as a couple of related issues here. Frustratingly, there is no definitive answer to our question. Some covers can stop heat coming out, if they are poorly designed and not an appropriate size for the radiator they are covering, but others are less guilty of getting in the way of hot air... Read More