What Makes Our Radiator Covers a Cut above the Rest

Radiator covers have risen in popularity in recent years as an easy, hassle free way to cover unsightly radiators without paying out thousands to get them replaced. With the rise in popularity comes a rise in production of the covers, leading to an increase in availability from lots of retailers. Not all radiator covers are made equal however, so ensuring that you’re getting the best design to amplify rather than hinder the effectiveness of your heating is vital.

Radiator Covers

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Many radiator covers available online and in stores can come with a hefty price tag but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is better. Some of the more expensive covers will still use the same – if not lower quality – materials and craftsmanship, just with an inflated cost. Our radiator cover range has been developed and perfected to balance long lasting quality with functionality, all at a reasonable cost.

Designed to Protect your Family

While wood isn’t effective for transferring heat, it is extremely useful for preventing that heat from coming into contact with yours or your family’s skin. There is an argument against the use of wood on radiator covers due to their anti-heat transferring properties which we heavily disagree with; this actually makes them safer to use than other covers that would otherwise get too hot to touch. While the MDF wood may not carry and transfer the heat as effectively, the design is actually what determines if the cover will hinder or compliment your heating, not the material used.

Designed to Compliment your Heating

A poorly designed radiator cover – whether made from wood, metal, crystal or any other material – will ineffectively store the heat inside and prevent it from escaping into the room. Our radiator covers, on the other hand, are carefully constructed so that the air can freely move into and out of the cover, carrying the warm air into the surrounding area. With open bases, cut out grills, and a gap just under the top shelf, the heat has every opportunity to escape rather than being trapped.

Designed to Compliment you Home’s Decor

Other than being functional and practical, our radiator covers also look fantastic in any setting. Our range includes numerous styles, colours, and finishes that are sure to tantalise anyone’s design-oriented taste buds. Whether you’re a fan of the popular French grey trend, classic oak finish or minimalistic white interior style, you’ll be able to find the perfect radiator cover to enhance your home’s decor with us!

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