Why You Should Buy a Radiator Cover

Radiators, whether we like them or not, are a necessity in homes everywhere, providing heating to us in the colder months when a jumper and blanket won’t quite do. If you think that your heating doesn’t look the best, you could get your radiators replaced, or if you don’t want to spend a bomb, you could buy a set of affordable radiator covers to hide them away. Here are a few reasons why we think radiator covers are great and why you should bless your home with them!

Small Lattice Grill Cover

They’re Attractive

First of all, they’re an extremely good looking piece of furniture, which is great when you’re using it to hide an ugly radiator. The stylish designs and sleek finishes make radiator covers look the part; with plenty of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect radiator cover to compliment your home’s decor. As well as the cover itself being a sight for sore eyes, it also makes a great piece to display your pictures, flowers and ornaments on thanks to the mantel it creates.

They Reduce Radiator Noise

Does your radiator ever make those strange sounds in the middle of the night? These sounds are caused by the radiator heating up or cooling down; the pipes expand as they get warmer and contract as they get colder. A radiator cover would muffle those unwanted crackles and clinks, making the sound less prominent.

French Grey Horizontal Grill Cover

They Create a Protective Barrier

Radiators are designed to get hot which poses them as a threat to skin, especially if you have a little one running around like a headless chicken! If they happen to touch it or fall into it, it can cause serious burns and injuries. The impact could also damage the radiator, resulting in an expensive repair bill. A radiator cover creates a barrier around the radiator, preventing skin from coming into contact with it. It also prevents knocks and bumps from getting through to the radiator, limiting the chances of it becoming damaged.

They Can Make Your Heating More Efficient

Not all radiator covers can improve your radiator’s efficiency; poor designs can actually hinder the airflow around it, resulting in less heat escaping into the rest of the room. A well designed radiator cover however, can actually improve the effectiveness by creating an airflow current from the bottom of the radiator and out of the front of the cover. Our radiator covers have holes that allow sufficient air to circulate; they also have a slit at the top of the front of the cover that allows the risen hot air to escape.

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