Discover Our Hollywood Mirror Range

Hollywood Mirrors are a great addition to any bedroom. Not only are they great for their lighting advantages when it comes doing your hair and makeup, the lights can also create soft lighting in the room, setting a relaxed atmosphere. Our Hollywood Mirrors also have a stunning aesthetic, complete with a glamorous, vintage appeal, all while still remaining modern and fresh. Keep reading to find out why you should swap out your standard vanity mirror for one of ours!

Ingrid Hollywood Mirror

Easy to Use Controls

All of our Hollywood Mirrors come with simple controls that allow you to get the perfect lighting, no matter what the ambient brightness of the room is. Our mirrors are complete with 3 lighting tones – warm, cool, and neutral – that can be set using the touch buttons and adjusted to decrease or increase brightness. Some of our mirrors also come with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to connect your phone and play music as you get ready.

Touch button controls

Bright Bulbs Offer Even Lighting

Any standard vanity mirror without lights may leave you struggling to get those all important details identical, ending with a far from symmetrical finish. With the even illumination provided by the bright LED bulbs, you can really focus on those hard spots and get them perfect. You can even use the adjustable lights to preview your new hairstyle or make-up finish in different lighting conditions, giving you a full spectrum of the finished look!

Set the Mood

Dimmable lights are the most commonly used way of creating mood lighting, but if you don’t have them installed and you don’t want to pay a small fortune for them, you can just use your Hollywood Mirror to radiate some relaxing tones. The lights are bright enough to make a room easily visible without any added glare that may come from a lamp’s bulb; the LED bulbs are designed to create a softer style of lighting.

Madeliene Hollywood Mirror

Great as Decor

Not only functional, our Hollywood Mirrors also look fantastic and serve just as well as a decorative item for your room. The sleek and stylish design can be fitted into a multitude of home design finishes, whether that is a vintage style or modern aesthetic. While the bulbs bring a feel of a classic Broadway dressing room, they still remain a timeless classic that can fit perfectly into its surroundings. If the classic bulb isn’t suited to your taste, our modernised Greta Hollywood Mirror swaps out these bulbs for an LED strip for a very up-to-date take on these revolutionary beauty gadgets.

Greta Hollywood Mirror

Overall, Glamorous

Above all else, they just look absolutely stunning. They are an iconic symbol of all things glam, instantly making you feel like a movie star when you look into them. You may even find yourself getting excited for your morning routine before work, soaking up every second before leaving to get on with your day.

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