Give Your Home Your Full Attention While Staying Indoors

Now that many of us are confined to our homes, we are spending unprecedented amounts of time at close quarters in our living spaces. While it is challenging, this enforced isolation actually provides a valuable moment to take stock and undertake DIY improvements that you may have been putting off. 

In addition, you may want to purchase fixtures and fittings online to enhance your home and increase comfort levels for the family. Here we explain how we can help you cope.

Choose an angel chair for easy style

For Scandinavian cool, look no further than our wingback buttoned angel chairs. Designed to resemble angelic wings when seen straight on, the accent angel chair will envelop you in a comfortable embrace; a bonus when we are all sitting indoors for longer.

The smart choice for lounges, bedrooms, studies and spare rooms, our angel chairs offer minimalist charm and are available in a stunning colour palette in either ocean teal or highland heather. 

The eye-catching and ergonomic angel chair will form an attractive centrepiece in any room. With its clean Scandinavian lines, tapered legs and buttoned back the angel chair is simply bursting with stylish features. 

Whether you want to binge on box sets or retire with a good book, the angel chair makes relaxed sitting a joy with its luxurious padding.

Get the look with a copper bedside table

If you are in search of something beautiful to lift your spirits in uncertain times, check out our stunning copper bedside table. 

Leading the fashion pack with its on-trend colour and geometric detailing, this copper bedside table looks great next to a bed or sofa and boasts a mirrored effect which makes your room look bigger. The table has two useful drawers for all your essential belongings. Sleek and sophisticated, it will bring an air of luxury to your interior with its practical yet stylish features including metal legs and handles.

Refresh yourself with a portable air cooler

As summer approaches and we are confined on top of each other, dialling down the heat in your living space becomes increasingly important. For the comfort of you and your family, our eco-friendly and cost-effective portable air cooler humidifies dry air, creating a pleasant feeling of a cool, moist breeze.

Refreshing in colder months too, when it can relieve eczema and asthma by increasing humidity in the air, the cooler is easily stored and compact, with an unobtrusive fan making it sufficiently discreet for bedrooms. 

With simple-to-use controls featuring three intensity levels, this reviving cooler is an invaluable accessory, perfect for bringing relief to hot and bothered housemates and ideal for prolonged home use.

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