Keep warm while working from home with an oil filled radiator

Having waved goodbye to the blistering summer heat, it’s time for crisp autumn days and cosy winter evenings snuggled up at home. With more of us also working from home combined with the unpredictable UK weather, it is important to consider how to keep warm efficiently and economically. 

At Jack Stonehouse, we have a range of portable oil filled radiators that keep you toasty without having to heat the whole house with costly central heating.

What is an oil filled radiator?

Our oil filled radiators are small, portable and efficient heating devices; the ultimate in heating convenience, offering fast warmth at the touch of a button. The compact design and quiet operation of an oil filled heater makes them ideal for use all around the house and the office.

Our electric oil filled heaters are mounted on castor wheels so that they can be easily moved around the room as needed, conveniently warming up different parts of the space. We absolutely love how such a compact oil filled radiator can produce such an impressive amount of heat.

Coming in a smart black or clean white, with additional features such as a timer and thermostat, our oil filled heaters offer superb versatility for customisation to your exact heating needs. Our cheap oil filled radiator range includes 1500W, 2000W, and 2500W versions as well as models with LED screens and handy remote controls.

How do portable oil filled radiators work?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of oil filled radiators as a portable heating solution for their home and office. The oil inside cools down slowly, ensuring these brilliant radiators retain their heat well.

We recommend that you place your oil filled radiator centrally for even heat circulation but you can also place them closer for personal warmth. These heaters are versatile, as well as fantastic value for money.

Safety as standard

Our oil filled radiator range includes important safety features as standard, such as overheat protection. There’s also no need to worry if the radiator is accidentally knocked over, our heaters have a tip-over switch, which cuts off power should the unit fall over, keeping both you and your floors safe.

An oil filled radiator can get very hot, so we recommend standing them a few feet away from walls and objects and keeping them out of the way of young children and pets. Please note that they should not be used in damp or poorly ventilated areas and should not be left unattended for long periods of time.

Here at Jack Stonehouse, we have a modern portable oil filled radiator for any budget or requirement.

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