Golf Essentials

So what are the essentials, apart from a set of serviceable clubs, a pair of golf shoes, and a few balls and tees? Somewhere to play is pretty important too, and if you’re just starting out, do you want to play on a links course or a parkland course? Unless you’re very lucky, of course, it’s unlikely you’ll have the choice.

If you live on or near the seaside, chances are your local course will be a links style course, with flatter, gently undulating fairways, pot-hole bunkers and close-cut grass. Most parkland courses are found inland and tend to be quite hilly, with lusher, tree-lined fairways.

The best way to transport your clubs round the course, over 9 or 18 holes, is something else to decide. In the US, electric golf carts have long been the most popular means of navigating the course, and on some courses it’s mandatory to use one. In the UK, electric golf trolleys are far more common and are to be seen everywhere, being used by both men and women. Some players still prefer the old fashioned trolleys that you pull under your own steam and a lot of people – usually the younger players – still carry their clubs.

However, golfers who use electric trolleys tend to swear by them and say they wish they’d started using them sooner. There seems little doubt that the ease with which an electric golf trolley transports your clubs saves you the effort, so you can use all your energy on making a few birdies. Investing in an electric trolley may just help to shave a few more strokes off your handicap next season – provided you remember to keep your head down as well!

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