You’re Always an Easy Rider on an Electric Bike

The boom in cycling in the UK shows no sign of slowing down. Thanks to British cyclists winning famous road races such as the Tour de France and triumphs at the Olympics in recent years, thousands of people up and down the country have been taking to the roads on two wheels – maybe even investing in some Lycra along the way!

Of course, you don’t have to be a member of the MAMIL (middle aged man in Lycra) posse or even invest thousands in a carbon fibre road bike to experience the unique sense of freedom a two wheel bicycle offers.

Everyone can enjoy cycling, no matter what age you are, and if you get too tired to pedal, you can always get off and push. Or, if you buy an electric bike, you can switch to power mode and carry on cycling while giving your legs a rest. Just as we’ve been a bit slower to adopt the bicycle culture that is so strong in places like Holland, Belgium and Germany, electric bikes have also taken longer to catch on in the UK.

In recent years, however, more people have caught on to the fact that electric bikes are not only great for getting about town, they’re also perfect for day trips or even touring. Add a couple of panniers, and you can enjoy extended trips, here or abroad. Electric bikes are a popular choice on classic touring routes, such as on the Danube and Rhine cycle paths, and are a great way to discover new places either under your own power, or with some help when you need it! If you feel inspired to try an electric bike for yourself, check out Pro Rider Leisure for some great deals.

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