Your Home Spring Clean Checklist

Spring is here which means it is time to cleanse your home of all evidence of winter. As the days become warmer and brighter, throw back the curtains, let the light in, and put on those rubber gloves, ready to give your home some much needed TLC. With the below tips, your spring clean will be a breeze – even if you can only spare a few minutes. Rather than running through the usual home cleaning routine, we’ll be going over the often neglected or forgotten chores which are perfect for times like this.

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Dust Everywhere

Over the winter months, the lack of light may have tricked you into thinking that your home wasn’t dusty, but in the brighter months any dusty areas will be accentuated by the sunlight, making every spec light up. You probably have been dusting, but some sections of the home can be forgotten about, especially if they aren’t easily visible. Check every inch of your home – from your cupboard tops to your skirting boards and the slats of your blinds – for any signs of dust build up.

Dust carries dust mites which can set off allergies similar to hay fever, so keeping your home dust-free will keep you and your family breathing clean, mite free air. White furniture can be a real culprit for disguising dust so use the old finger technique, checking for dust transfer onto your finger.

Wash Curtains, Furniture Covers & Rugs

It has probably been a little while since your curtains, rugs, and furniture covers have had a wash so now would be the best time to give them a refresh. Dust, fluff, and anything travelling through the air or on your clothes will collect on the fabric, leading to it musty smells and an unclean appearance.

You can usually clean these in the washing machine, but in the unfortunate event that they have to be hand washed, you can do this in the bath tub (do this before cleaning the bathroom however as you may splash water and detergent everywhere). To keep them smelling fresh and feeling soft for longer, add some fragrant fabric conditioner to the washing machine or water. Always check the cleaning instructions on care label to ensure that that you don’t damage the fabric.

Check Walls for Marks

Walls, especially brighter coloured walls, are prone to becoming easily marked, even with a slight brush of an unwashed hand as you walk past. This can result in smudges and scrapes building up, making your walls look scruffy. This is especially true for any parents out there with little ones who like to touch every surface they can reach with mucky handy.

Be careful when trying to remove any marks as this can cause your wallpaper or paint to rub off, leaving a bigger and more noticeable mark. If you are worried about this, you can use touch up paint or a radiator cover to cover them. A radiator cover can also be used as a mantle for your favourite flowers and ornaments, making it ideal for any hallways or communal areas such as the living room.

Think About New Decor

Many of us like to change our homes to reflect the seasons. In autumn and winter, darker colours and fluffy textures are very popular, but in the spring and summer this decor isn’t ideal. Both dark colours and fluff can attract heat, causing your home to feel hotter. Heat can be very uncomfortable so to keep your home cool, brighter colours and smoother textures would be the best option.

You should also consider adding an air conditioner or fan to your spring and summer decor. While they aren’t decorative pieces, you can often find modern and slim line models that sit neatly in the corner and create a cool space during those hot, sticky months.

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