Your Guide to a COVID Safe Garden Party

Now that we can have guests in our garden, we can start having small gatherings with our friends in the comfort of our own space. Coronavirus is still very much a danger so we need remain conscientious to prevent it spreading. By remaining vigilant, we can stay safe and reduce the stats even further, leading us back into our normal, sociable, and busy lives. Follow these steps to ensure your garden gatherings remain safe for you and your guests.

Bunting at garden party

Don’t Go Indoors Yet

Due to the current restrictions, we cannot go inside other people’s homes just yet. We will be able to go inside from the 17th of May but, for the time being, avoid going indoors as this is an easy place for COVID to spread. If you do have to go indoors, either to use the bathroom or to get to the garden, make sure you wear a facemask and that the space is clear of other people to eliminate the chances of you coming into close contact with others.

Stick to the Rule of 6

Soon we will be able to meet up with 30 others outdoors and the rule of 6 will only apply indoors, but for now we should all stick to the rule of 6 individuals or 2 households in our gardens until the restrictions ease. With less people attending, it will be easier to keep distanced so that if anyone is asymptomatic, they don’t accidentally pass the virus onto anyone else.

Don’t Share Chairs, Cutlery or Cups

Sharing anything that another person has touched dramatically increases the chances of COVID spreading as it can linger on a surface for hours to days. Taking your own crockery and utensils would be the best option as this will reduce any risks, but if you do have to use someone else’s dinnerware, make sure that you disinfect it before using it with wipes and spray to kill any viruses and bacteria on the surfaces. Once you have claimed your space, make sure that only you use it and that you also don’t use anyone else’s seating.

Stay 2 Metres Apart

Keeping a safe distance from anyone not in your household is also still recommended. Any close greetings like hugs, handshakes or even high fives should be avoided and replaced with other greetings that don’t require getting close. Your seating area should also reflect this, leaving a substantial space to stop unnecessary contact.

If you stick to all of the above then you’ll be on your way to having some amazing, fun, and – most importantly – safe garden parties. If we continue to stick to these guidelines, life will be able to return back to normal once we have overcome the worst of the virus.

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