Your Garden Jobs for April 2021

This month there is plenty to sow, grow, and do in the garden. We can have friends and family in our gardens now, so making sure it is looking its best will help you to feel more relaxed and happier in your outdoor space. Here is a handy list of jobs to work on right now so that your garden can flourish throughout spring and into summer.

Pots of plants

Removing Weeds

You may have found that weeds have been sprouting up left, right, and centre since the start of spring. Before transferring any of your plants into their beds, you want to clear out any weeds as they can cause your plants to become malnourished and die. When you remove them, ensure that you pull out the whole root and not just the stems so that they can’t grow back.

Re-Seed the Lawn

If your lawn has any bare patches, now is the best time to plant some more grass seeds to fill in the gaps. To prepare your lawn and get the best results possible, use a pitchfork to aerate the soil before sowing. You can also apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to your lawn that will give it a boost for the start of the season.

Check Your New Plants

Before transferring your new plants into the soil, make sure you check them for any pests or diseases. Catching any defects early on gives you the best chance to correct them, ensuring that they remain healthy once planted. This will also prevent any disease or pests transferring to other plants and prevent them from flourishing.

Transfer Plants to the Soil

The plants that you’ve germinated and sprouted will be ready for planting out in your garden. To transfer them into the soil, gently remove them from their pots keeping the roots intact. Once in the soil, water them to establish them more securely in their beds. Make sure you space them out evenly though as they may struggle to get the sufficient nutrition if your plants are competing to soak it up.

Check Your Fence

As an important part of your garden boundaries, you should take the opportunity to check over your fence and make sure it is still sturdy and secure. Over the wetter months, your fence post may have been weakened by rotting and weather damages. Replacing these early on will prevent them falling and damaging anything nearby. Water and ice can also cause the paint on your fence to fade, leaving it looking old and weathered. Repainting this will freshen up your garden, making it look more inviting.

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