Women Encouraged to Play More Golf during National Golf Month

Did you know that May is National Golf Month? Now that you do, it’s time to encourage all of the ladies in your life to play a little more of it.

The fantastic and so far relatively successful ‘This Girl Can’ campaign from Sport England has this month teamed up with American Golf to get the message out to women everywhere that they should get out to a driving range or course as soon as possible.

This is much welcomed, as statistics show that golf is in decline: it is being played less and less by both men and women.

It’s no surprise that golf is being recommended as a stress reliever, there are so many ways that the sport can reduce stress other than the pure and simple fact that it is exercise. Being outside in the fresh air and walking across the calm, green course is in and of itself a good way to reduce stress. Thwacking a small ball with an enormous club is enough for anybody to take their aggression out!

We truly hope that the This Girl Can initiative to encourage more women into golfing is successful, because we would love to see some of the younger generations take up the sport and see the benefits.

If you know someone who hasn’t tried golf yet, you might like to let them know about the free taster sessions being offered across the country during National Golf Month. Send them to https://www.mipins.com/home/nationalgolfmonth/ to find out more.

If they end up loving it, remember to come back here to buy an electric golf trolley for their next birthday gift!

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