Why You Should Love Golfing in Autumn as Much as Us

Spring marks the beginning of the golfing season where you’ll see plenty of men and women all around the world flocking to the closest course they can find, swinging their clubs and hitting there balls down the green. But many are mislead to think that the end of summer marks the end of the golf season, it doesn’t. Autumn is your last chance to comfortably and enjoyably take advantage of the course before the snow, frost and cold temperatures take over and winter hits. With autumnal months upon us, we wanted to share with you why we love autumn golf and why you should too!

Cool Temperatures

This one may be obvious, but it’s a lot cooler in autumn than it has been this summer. While we love the summer attire – shorts, skirts and short sleeves – there is still something so enticing about a wool sweater, thick trousers and layering up to feel toasty on your round in the cooler climate. Summer is also sticky and sweaty in comparison; you won’t have to worry about overheating and perspiring with a crisp breeze. You’ll also find carrying your golf set or pushing your golf trolley a lot easier without the blistering heat weighing you down.

No Crowds

We touched on this in the introduction to this post but it’s one of the many great parts of autumn golf. Most golfers are fair-weather players who tend to store their golf clubs, electric trolleys and course attire in the garage at the first sign of frost. With these so-called enthusiasts sitting at home and watching their TV’s, the courses are free for the diehards to embark on the autumn campaign of golf without any interruption.

Better Course Conditions

Throughout summer the courses have been constantly pampered by the grounds keepers, ensuring that the grass is taken care of and the divots have been corrected. By the time autumn has rolled around the fairways will be at their best, and with less people playing the courses, they’ll feel less used than during spring and summer. Autumnal temperatures and morning dew will also give the grass a nourished feel, adding more bounce to your ball.

Aesthetically Pleasing Views

To top off our reasons to love golfing in autumn, the vibrant reds, ambers and oranges create a gorgeous backdrop, making your time on the links all that more enjoyable. There is something special about watching your golf ball fly over the blazing foliage and into the blue sky on a crisp autumn day that can’t be rivalled by any other time of the year.

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