Why Choose an Electric Bike over a Manual Bike?

For anyone looking to swap their old bike out for a newer model or just looking to get into cycling, you may be wondering whether to go for a manual bike or electric. While manual bikes offer an excellent raw cycling experience, electric bikes offer you the freedom to explore and do more with your bike thanks to their electric assistive motors.  To help you make your decision, below is a list of reasons why you may want to choose an electric bike over a standard one.

Person riding a bike

You Can Travel Further

This is one of the more obvious reasons why an electric bike outranks the manual versions but it is also the biggest reason. The motor fitted to an e-bike can allow you to travel further and ride for longer with the assist that it offers. While they are limited to 15.5mph by law – which may seem slow – the speed is actually perfect for riding, offering you a break from pedalling as you are carried along. You can also change the level of assistance, opting for a slower speed on more scenic routes.

Better Battery Technology

In the recent years, the significant development of battery technology has seen an increase in power capability with a decrease in the size of the physical units; the same goes for batteries used on e-bikes. They are now designed to fit within the design of the bike, either in the frame or inconspicuously attached to the frame, providing long lasting power without adding too much weight to the bike or hindering your ride. Different electric bikes come with different batteries depending on the bike’s function and size, but they usually hold enough power to carry you for between 40-60km, ideal for commuting or just adventuring.

Push Assist Will Change Your Life

We all know that dreaded feeling of coming up to a steep hill after a fair amount of riding time. You’re tired from the riding you’ve done, so you know riding up the hill is out of the question. You haul your bike up the hill, making it seem an endless task and wondering if there is an easier way; luckily there is. With the push assist option on our electric bikes, all you’ll need to do is steady your bike as it pushes itself along next to you. With very little effort, you’ll be able to navigate any hill, saving your energy for riding rather than pushing.

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