Which Shade Would Be Best?

Does your garden need a bit of shade? Is it hard to escape the sun’s rays while trying to relax outside? With so many different types of parasols and shade sails available on the market it can be confusing trying to pick the right one for you and your space. Not only are there different shade structures, but they also have different designs within those categories making it even harder to pick one. After reading this post you will be able to narrow down your choices and maybe even find the perfect one for your needs as well as your garden’s design.

Parasol and shade sail

What Do You Want It For?

Of course, you’ll be wanting a parasol because it can provide you with much needed shade, but what else would it like to use if for? If you a looking for dual functionality for both evenings and daytime, an LED parasol would be better suited as it can be used to set the tone when it gets dark. If portability is top of your list, then a shade sail would be the one for you as it can be taken anywhere, whether to the beach or park.

Where Will You Be Placing It?

Planning the area where you want to use it is very important as this gives you an idea of what can and can’t be used in that space. Garden parasols are freestanding and can be used anywhere in the garden, provided it is not in close or in immediate contact with anything else. They can swing due to light breezes so making sure you have ample room around your parasol will prevent it from knocking into anything, causing damage to itself and its surroundings. Shade sails, on the other hand, need to be able to be tied, either to the poles provided that can be put into soft ground or to another sturdy structure. You want to make sure you can facilitate this before choosing one as it would not be able to be erected without complying with these requirements.

Does It Match & Fit In With Your Garden?

Considering your current garden décor, devise the list of colours that would be better suited to your chosen shade so that it doesn’t look odd. If you are putting it over your seating area, then choose one that is the same or like it so that it matches and compliments your garden. Choosing a bright orange parasol to go over a blue furniture set may be quite the eye sore as the colours will clash; the same goes for the structure itself as your space may not suit a large parasol, but rather a carefully tied shade sail. Not only is the parasol shade large, but when you add the frame and base weights, it may be a struggle to fit it into a tighter garden. Because shade sails have no frame, if it can be securely tied to a rooted structure, it can be placed anywhere and fit in most gardens, large or small.

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