What size gazebo should I buy – a 2×2 or 3×6 gazebo?

Gazebos are a deservedly popular way of creating your ideal outdoor space. The right gazebo can help you make the most of any outdoor space, whether you have a small courtyard or large garden.

Our gazebos come in several sizes, from the relatively compact 2m x 2m gazebo up to a large 3×6 gazebo. Which size gazebo you choose will depend on the area you have available for it and your proposed use for the gazebo.

If you have only a small space, a smaller gazebo will be ideal and will still allow you to use it for shade and shelter from sun and light drizzle. If you have a larger area for your gazebo then you can, if you wish, choose one of our larger gazebos.

A larger gazebo will be a good choice if you have more people to cater for, either for a seating or dining area. Gazebos are usually measured in metres, so a 2×2 gazebo refers to a gazebo which is 2 metres wide by 2 metres deep.

2m x 2m Gazebo

A 2m x 2m pop-up gazebo will offer shade from hot sun and shelter from light drizzle which can all too often hamper a British summer, but with a smaller footprint which will suit a small garden, courtyard or patio. You will still have sufficient space for shelter and you will find that even a small gazebo becomes a vital part of your garden during the summer months, allowing you to enjoy your outside space for more hours.

3 x 3 Gazebo

If you have slightly more room, a 3 x 3 gazebo will give you even more space to shelter, relax or dine. If you have a larger family or regularly entertain visitors then, provided you have enough outdoor space, you will probably be looking for the largest possible gazebo. Our 3 x 3 gazebos are available with or without sides and in a variety of colours to either blend in with your garden or to make a statement.

3×6 Gazebo

A 3×6 gazebo provides a large sheltered area, perfect for family events in medium to large gardens. Our large gazebos include window panels to allow extra light inside the gazebo and side panels can be removed and detached to provide extra shelter or airflow as required.

A large 3 x 6 gazebo will allow you and your guests to stay cool on hot days, and to shelter from rain should the weather not be kind to your event. You can choose from several different colours to create the best possible look for your outdoor space.

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