Vintage wall lights and other lighting options for your home office

Homeworking is a trend that has been building momentum for some time. But nobody could have predicted the way in which it has been forced on such a high quantity of the working population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some have relished the opportunity to ditch the commute and work from home, others are understandably missing the social elements of office life. And of course, there are the logistical issues of creating a productive environment within the home for them to be able to work successfully without blurring the boundaries between work and home life. For this reason, the popularity of home offices has unsurprisingly soared among home-hunters as remote working looks as if it could be here to stay for some employees.

But what are the best ways to light your home office?

Natural light

There really is no substitution for natural light and when designing a home office you should consider the best way to maximise the amount of natural daylight in the room without having issues with glare. 

The health benefits of daylight in the workplace are plentiful. Research suggests that eye strain, headaches and drowsiness can all be decreased in offices with lots of natural light. 

If you have windows in your home office, ditch heavy curtains in favour of sheer drapes to allow the light in more freely. You could also consider installing glass panels in the door(s) to allow more daylight to flow into the room from other angles.

Layered lighting

When it comes to artificial lighting you need to consider the different types of lighting you’ll need for different purposes. This is called layered lighting. 

Usually, the three main types of layered lighting include ambient lighting which is the main light source (usually from a ceiling light or vintage wall lights), task lighting which is lighting required for a specific task (usually a desk or table, or tripod table lamp) and finally accent lighting which is often used to complement or aid another lighting source (perhaps shelf lighting to make finding things easier).

Decorative lights and vintage wall lights

These days your lighting sources can be stylish as well as functional. A tripod table lamp adds a touch of the urban, office vibe to your home office. Industrial desk lamps will help you to focus on writing, typing or other activities and have the added bonus of adjustable posies and angles. 

Candles, salt lamps and vintage wall lights are all popular options that add a touch of ambience to your office because let’s face it, this is a place you’re going to be spending a lot of time and it’s important to make it feel welcoming and warm.

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