Top Tips for Owning a Pop Up Gazebo

Pop up gazebos are an excellent addition to anyone’s outdoor leisure collection. The clue is in the name as they quite literally pop up and can be erected by a single person in just a few minutes, making them an extremely popular shelter amongst campers, garden party throwers, and outdoor living enthusiasts. With the proper usage and correct care, you can make your pop up gazebo last, serving as an effective sun and drizzle shelter for many years to come.

Take Care When Assembling

Putting up your pop up gazebo is a straightforward and easy task but you should still take your time and take care when assembling. If you’re too forceful with the canopy, frame or any other part, it could cause a tear or breakage that will render your gazebo useless. Being gentle and making sure everything is going together smoothly will keep it working and looking new for as long as possible, saving your wallet from having to purchase a replacement.

Anchor it Down When in Use

It is extremely important to firmly anchor your garden gazebo or pop up tent when it is erected as a gust of wind can cause it to be carried away. If this was to happen, it could cause damage to your garden or your surrounding neighbours’ properties, as well as the gazebo itself. To secure the gazebo, you should use the guy ropes and pegs provided to anchor it to the ground. It is also a good idea to use leg weights to provide additional stability and anchoring to the gazebo – these can be purchased separately.

Take it Down during Adverse Weather

Pop up gazebos are an excellent temporary shelter that can provide shade and shelter from drizzle; if the wind picks up and the drizzle transforms into a downpour, however, you should take down your gazebo, as these conditions are too harsh for its pop up design. The lightweight frames and water resistant canopy can withstand a slight breeze and shower but heavier winds and rain could lead to damage.

Correct Storage

Storing your gazebo correctly when it’s not in use is detrimental to preserving its quality and usability. Before packing your pop up gazebo away, make sure that the frame, canopies, and walls are all dry and clean so that mould and water damage don’t occur. You should also check and make sure that the fabric is folded rather neatly and isn’t scrunched up so that it’s not wrinkled for your next use.

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