Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a sport that many can do – but not all can master. The premise of hitting a ball down the green and into a hole may seem simple, but learning to do it accurately and in as little shots as possible can be very difficult. Here are some helpful tips that will get you on your way from being a casual player to a local legend at your club.

golf balls near hole

Posture, Stance & Positioning

Not all of your game depends on what happens during and after your swing; a lot of it comes from how you approach and prepare for your swing. Walking up to the ball and taking a hunched and loose position could be the cause of an inaccurate and short shot. By watching other golfers and taking notes on their stances, you can develop your own and then take it to the course to be perfected.

Hit the Ball Straight, Not Further

Before you start working on that power swing – which more often than not will end up out of bounds – you’ll want to perfect your accuracy, as this is what most of your game relies on. If your ball is always finding its way off of the fairway then a power shot won’t help you but, if you can keep it on the green with shorter shots, this will improve your handicap and give you a basis to increase power while maintaining accuracy.

Practice Putting

Often a neglected area of training, the putt is going to be your most useful club to secure your low scores. Hitting the ball to the green in two shots can be advantageous but if your putting is not up to scratch, you could find yourself hitting to and fro on the green, missing the hole on what seem like easy opportunities. You can practice this by putting on various inclines, declines, and distances to teach yourself how to angle your putter for each situation so that the face hits the ball perfectly each time.

Start Weight Training

While this won’t solely improve your golf game, it will definitely help with your overall athleticism and strength. Our bodies limit how far we can progress in golf as it is not a high intensity and strength increasing sport; with a little help from some weight lifting and training, you can increase your overall fitness and allow your body to perform better on the course. While most exercises will work for improving your power and distance, there are some specialised routines made for golfers that you can find online.

We hope that these tips help you to improve your game, making your time on the course more enjoyable and satisfying. Don’t get disheartened if your results aren’t instantaneous either, it will take time for your improvements to take full effect and once they do, you’ll be glad you persued!

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