The Proof: Golfing Has Gone Global

Ever wondered how many golf courses there are in the world? Well, now that question has been answered.

After four years, involving 25,000 hours of research, a report has been released showing that golf is enjoyed in 206 countries and there are currently 34,011 facilities available. It’s not really a surprise to hear that the Royal & Ancient’s inaugural report shows that 79% of courses can be found in only 10 countries. These include the USA, England, Australia, France, Scotland and South Africa.

In Scotland, the home of golf, the latest official number is 552 courses and facilities. Europe has 22% of the world’s supply but it is the USA that dominates, with 45% of the world’s facilities. The emerging markets in Asia continue to grow, with 30% of the world’s new golf projects and the third highest volume of golfing facilities anywhere. In Europe, the development of short, compact courses, which are public and family friendly, is increasing.

The work has been put together by the National Golf Foundation in their efforts to track the development of the game across the globe. If you fancy a challenge, then there are 576,534 golf holes to aim for, from Azerbaijan to Zambia. Just the thought of it may make you feel tired, so you don’t need us to tell you that an electric golf trolley to take the strain is a must. For more information on electric golf trolleys, head over to the Pro Rider Leisure website.

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