The Celebrities Who Are Making Golfing Cool

A few years ago, you might have associated golf with the older generation, but the sport is attracting a new younger generation of fans and players thanks to influential celebrities who cite golf among their favourite pastimes.

We already know that world-famous golf players like Tiger Woods have helped inspire younger sports fans to get into golf. But it’s not just the professionals who are making golf cool; it’s also trend-setting celebs such as Zac Efron and Justin Bieber, who have huge young fan bases. This isn’t so new though – back in 2000, Will Smith even starred in a movie about golf, ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’.

Perhaps the busy, pressured lives these Hollywood stars lead in the spotlight make the relaxing activity of golf more appealing, or maybe they were inspired by older generations. Actors such as Bill Murray and Samuel L Jackson – who are in their 60s but still definitely considered cool – are often spotted on the golf course and are among the best golfers in Hollywood, according to Golf Digest.

While these stars are introducing new people to the idea of playing golf, the time commitment involved in the sport means it’s not for everyone. But for many, just one game is enough to turn golf into an obsession. The next step is getting the equipment, and it’s important to invest in good quality products if you’re serious about golf. Once you’ve got your clubs and balls, it’s worth looking into a few products that can make getting around the golf course a bit easier, such as remote control golf trolleys. There’s no need to do all the hard work yourself; golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport, after all!

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