Swing & Play Set Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again when the weather cheers up, the temperatures rise, and your little one’s outdoor play sets and swings come out of storage. Before you let them enjoy playtime, however, there are some safety checks you should conduct to make sure their fun won’t come to an abrupt end. Without inspecting their play equipment first for any signs of faults, your kids could be at risk of getting hurt.

Play Set

Check for Rust

Over the winter months, if your child’s play set or swing set has been left up or even kept in storage, it may have gotten damp and developed rust. Catching any rust early means that you can treat it before it causes too much damage to the play set; large amounts of rust can make it weak and unsafe to be used.

Make Sure All Fittings Are Tight

Any loose parts of the frame that are not tightened can get worse over time as the play set it used, resulting in the frame being at risk of collapsing. By regularly tightening and checking over the connections, you will ensure that it is always safe and ready for play time.

Correct Placement

When choosing a spot for a swing or play set, you want to make sure that it is on a flat and even surface. If the surface isn’t ideal, the set won’t be balanced and could tip over, potentially hurting your little one in the process. Grass would be the best surface to put the play set on as it will allow you to anchor it into the ground. Establishing a safe zone and keeping it a decent distance away from any garden furniture, fences, and other equipment will also prevent any accidental bumps and injuries.

Adult Supervision

Even with all of the above checks, sometimes accidents can still happen; this is why adult supervision is essential. If you are always on hand to help when something goes wrong then you can prevent it from developing into a serious situation. You will also be able to make sure that they are playing correctly and using the equipment as intended.

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