Staying Safe on the Golf Course

Now that golf courses have reopened we can start indulging in our favourite sport again – but we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that we don’t increase the risk of spreading Coronavirus. To protect yourself and others around you, follow these steps to keep our golf courses clear of the virus and, most importantly, open!

Golfers on the putting green

Stick to the Rule of 6

When you attend the course, make sure that your group does not exceed the recommended limit of 6 to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spreading. This group can be formed from 6 individuals or 2 households; just remember to keep socially distanced from anyone who isn’t from your household. You should all arrive separately as the confines of a vehicle can be an easy place for the virus to spread, plus sharing a car also breaks the 2 metre rule.

Avoid the Clubhouse

If you can avoid the clubhouse then it would be wise to do so to prevent any gathering and congestion indoors. You can limit your need to go inside by organising to meet your group on the course and leaving as soon as your game has finished. Most golf clubs will have an online booking system in place so that you can just go straight to the tee, but if you do have to go in make sure you wear a face mask.

Avoid Golf Carts

Similar to the car principle, the use of golf carts should be avoided. If you do absolutely need to use one then make sure that only people from your household are in it with you. Due to how small golf carts are, you would be shoulder to shoulder inside it, breaking the social distancing guidelines. Instead of using a cart to navigate the course, opt for an electric or manual golf trolley so that you don’t have to move your clubs around on your back.

Don’t Share Equipment

Unless you live together, sharing equipment is one of the fastest ways to spread the virus. If someone with COVID was to touch your golf set or ball and then you used it afterwards, you would be at an extremely high risk of contracting it. Most golfers will already have this covered as a golf set is quite a personal thing, but for anyone that shares with a friend, now would be a good time to invest in your own.

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