Praise for the E-Tourer Electric Bike

Here at Pro Rider Leisure, we are regularly touched by the kind feedback our customers give us after purchase.

It is great to see our customers enjoying the products we have manufactured!!! 🙂

Steven Cable purchased an E-Tourer electric bike from us and here is his feedback…

“I would like to say how much difference your E-Tourer cycle that I bought from you has changed my life.

I am disabled with a whole load of physical problems normally I use a mobility scooter and my cairn terrier Bobby goes every where with me so I did not want to leave him at home when I bought one of your bike`s which I must say are fantastic to ride and so much fun.

But I wanted Bobby with me so after a lot of thought I bought a child’s cycle trailer with suspension so that while I ride the e-bike with the trailer attached there would be less stress to the bike. I had to make the hole in the attachment that go`s on to the rear cycle`s axle a bit larger which was no trouble.

I now have an excellent bike that assists me with power as required and I hardly know the trailer is there even with bobby and his bits and bobs also my litter picker and some bags as I look after the park in the picture as a volunteer 7 days a week and Bobby gets to chase his ball.

The Pro Rider has enabled me to go on longer trips and a good speed, it has simply opened up a lot more of my little piece of world and I want to thank you all at pro-rider for giving me back some extra freedom.

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of Bobby and my self on our transport please note I also had a basket made for the carrier bye a local weaver.

I would recommend your e-Bikes to anyone and have done so in my local town as we get a lot of attention when walking through it and riding of course.”

Steven and Bobby Cable.

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