Plants to Brighten Your Garden Up During Winter

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your garden for the colder months. Most people assume that when winter rolls around, all that there is to do is wait until spring but they couldn’t be more wrong. With a clever and strategic selection of flowers that flourish in winter, you can create a masterpiece that will look good right up until when spring rolls round. Before planting these, you should salvage any of your current summer flowers and transfer them indoors. A planter or plant stand would be perfect for this and would also look amazing in your home or garden.

Winter gardening


These dainty little flowers are a lot more resilient than they appear. They flower whatever the weather, even pushing through snow and ice covered ground; once they’re established they require very little maintenance. The gorgeous flowers bloom from January until March but the plant itself will be visible from October.



The clue is in the name with this one, but it is actually an evergreen so it isn’t confined to only the winter months. The wintergreen is naturally festive-looking low growing shrub that grows white flowers from June until they change into red berries from August. Its dark green leaves also gain a red tinge during this time.

Wintergreen Checkerberry


There are plenty of Pansy types out there with varying colours and sizes, and most of them also bloom throughout winter as well as during the summer months. They are perfect for adding splashes of colour to your garden, offering a cheerful display when the weather is dark and gloomy.

Yellow and Purple Pansies


Neat, free-flowering and versatile, cyclamen are perfect for growing in pots, grass, under shrubs and even at the base of trees. They’re a very hard plant, requiring not a lot of attention which is perfect for anyone looking to improve their garden with not a lot of free time.

Pink Cyclamen


This plant may not look very impressive on its own, but accompanied by a selection of other winter friendly plants will make for an eye-catching display. The bronze tones will make the vibrant colours of flowers stand out, as well as adding warmth to your garden during winter.

Bronze carex

Skimmia Japonica

Growing to around 6m tall and wide, the Skimmia is a rounded evergreen shrub with glossy, leathery deep green leaves. Throughout autumn and winter this shrub sports dark red flower buds which contrast against the green beautifully. The buds flower in spring to reveal gorgeous clusters of pink, white and yellow.

Skimma Japonica with pink bulbs

These are only some of the plants and flowers that you can decorate your garden with this winter so there’s no excuse to neglect it. There are so many different choices for winter plants out there so be sure to explore them all until you find your perfect arrangement!

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