Our Top 5 Must-Have Golfing Accessories

For us golfers, the golf course is like a second home, a place where we go to forget about the daily stresses of life. That being said, the course can also become stressful at times – unless you have the right golfing accessories to make the day easier and more enjoyable. To improve your experience, we would highly recommend adding these to your equipment list before you return to your local golf course this spring.

Couple playing golf

#1 – Spare Battery

As you navigate the course, there is nothing worse than your electric golf trolley battery running out of charge, resulting in you having to push the trolley for the rest of your round. It is always a good idea to keep a spare battery charged up and ready to go just in case, as it can be quite a heavy bit of kit to push, especially with your golf set loaded onto it. Our 36AH sealed lead acid battery holds enough power to keep your trolley going for 36 holes, letting you play for longer.

#2 – Golf Umbrella

Getting caught out on the 9th hole by a sudden shower isn’t ideal. You want to continue with your game as you’re only halfway through, but the rain is forcing you to retreat to shelter, bringing an end to your fun. With a sturdy and durable golf umbrella, you can have that shelter ready whenever you need it, allowing you to continue with your game. We would also recommend accompanying this with the umbrella holder attachment for your electric golf trolley so that you can stand hands-free whilst you shelter.

#3 – Cup Holder

It is important to have a hydrating drink with you as you navigate the golf course to keep you alert and on your game – but a heavy bottle can be a chore to carry. A cup holder attached to your golf trolley will keep your hands free for taking your shots. The cup holder also keeps your drink in an easily accessible place so that it’s ready when you need it.

#4 – Golf Set & Bag Rain Cover

As we are in the UK, we have to mention a waterproof rain cover for those many wet and rainy days. Water isn’t the best thing for your golfing equipment as it can cause damage and deterioration, so an easy to slip over rain cover would be perfect for keeping everything protected. Our golf bag rain covers can be fitted over freestanding golf bags and trolley mounted golf bags.

#5 – Golf Trolley Carry Bag

Carrying your golf trolley can be awkward without the use of a carry bag to assist you. Perfectly fitted to the standard Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolleys, our canvas golf trolley carry bag is durable and makes transporting your golf trolley as easy as possible. The golf trolley bag can also be used for storing your trolley, ensuring it stays protected for next use.

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