Mine’s an ‘Arnold Palmer’: The Drinks Names after Golfers

The top professional golfers, past and present, are used to having things named after them, from golfing equipment, such as clubs and balls, to public places of interest, like road and buildings. Some have even had beverages named after them. In honour of the great golfing tradition that is the 19th hole, here are some golfer-inspired products you may choose to imbibe…

Arnold Palmer

Hailed as one of the greatest golfers of all time, Arnold Palmer has led an eventful life. Known simply as ‘The King’, Palmer picked up 62 wins on the PGA Tour, including four Green Jackets, and two Open championships. Never one to shirk a party in his heyday, it is perhaps surprising that Arnold Palmer has given his name to a non-alcoholic drink: iced tea and lemonade. You can even buy a bottle of ‘Arnold Palmer’, complete with the great man’s likeness and signature.

John Daly

Daly was infamous for never turning down an invite to a party. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the big hitter Daly has given his name to an alcoholic beverage, consisting of Palmer’s iced tea and lemonade, along with the inevitable addition of Daly’s favourite tipple, vodka. A Southern-style ‘John Daly’ also exists, substituting the vodka for a more Antebellum-style bourbon and mint.

Jack Nicklaus

The golfer known as ‘The Golden Bear’ is regarded by many as the greatest of all time, with 18 Majors under his belt. Nicklaus is business-savvy, and a bit of a entrepreneur when it comes to food and drink. In 2012, Nicklaus launched his own range of lemonade drinks, with interesting mixers, such as honey, strawberry and mango.

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