Making Your Home Safe for Little Ones

Whether you’re expecting your first or you have little ones that visit – or are going to once the pandemic is over – then you may be wondering what steps you can take to ensure that your home is safe for them to roam about in without their curiosity getting the better of them. Below are some ways that you can make your home child proof and prevent children from getting hurt.

Toddler playing with blocks

Soften Sharp Corners & Edges

While they are exploring and finding their feet, the corners and edges of furniture and walls can be very dangerous for them, especially if their balance isn’t quite there yet. All it takes is a badly timed stumble for something bad to happen, so covering these sharp points will prevent toddlers from getting seriously hurt. You can either make your own padding from foam to soften these edges or you can buy a readymade kit that you just need to stick on where needed.

Cover Hot Radiators

Hot radiators can pose a burn hazard, especially for children, as their skin is softer and more prone to damage compared to an adult. They may lose their footing and fall forward into a radiator or just touch one without realising, resulting in a nasty burn. You can cover these up with a radiator cover that is both practical and stylish. Our MDF wood radiator covers would be perfect for this as they are designed to be decorative while creating a protective barrier that lets hot air escape into the room without the radiator cover getting hot.

White Radiator Cover

Use Stair Gates for Stairs & Doorways

Stair gates are a great way of keeping kids in a certain room and away from stairs without having to shut all of the doors in your home. They are readily available almost everywhere and are very easy to put up. They slot between the banister and wall or in a doorway and have a screw function to make them fit as tightly as possible in the gap.

Use Safety Latches & Door Locks

Many people have that one cupboard in the kitchen which contains household cleaning products and it’s often on the bottom row. If your little one was to get in there, they could end up hurting themselves or making themselves poorly. You can use a safety latch or door lock for your cupboards to prevent this from happening. They are simple to attach and will stop them getting into places that they shouldn’t be.

Toddler grabbing Apple Mouse

Don’t Leave Fragile Items within Their Reach

Children are naturally inquisitive and are constantly learning new things from the moment that they are born; this, however, makes them want to investigate anything within their eyesight. Keeping anything fragile within their reach is therefore a serious safety risk. You should take everything low enough for them to reach into consideration and move them if you think they pose a threat, no matter how small the object itself. Choking hazards should also be a consideration if the item can fit in their mouth.

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