Make the Most of Your Small Garden, Petite Patio or Tiny Terrace

With some clever planning you can transform your small garden into something really special. They require a lot more thought than a larger space but once you’ve got it looking how you want it, it will be easy to maintain. The smallest changes to your outdoor space can have a huge impact, so don’t overlook updating the little things as they can have a dramatic effect. Our tips below will help you transform your little eyesore into a safe haven with outdoor furniture, garden storage, and clever planting. Not only do these practical and stylish additions make your outdoor space feel like a proper garden, they also help the area to appear bigger and more spacious.

Storage Boxes & Sheds

Often forgotten about, a garden shed or storage box could be just the thing you’re looking for, especially in a compact space where every inch counts. If you find that clutter is causing your small garden to feel even smaller, having an area of garden storage where you can keep that clutter will help to solve this problem nicely. Thanks to their tasteful designs and range of styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect storage for your outside space by matching the colour and build to your current garden additions.

Space Saving Seating & Bistro Sets

A perfectly placed seating area will not only create an area for socialising and enjoying your garden, it can also act as a centre piece if done correctly, distracting you from the size of your space. A tasteful rattan style love seat or bistro set can transform your patio or decking from uninteresting to understated. A metal seating set can also do the same for your small space with its dainty features and elegant design. We also have some wooden furniture that doubles as a garden storage space which would be ideal for your small garden.

Planters, Potting Benches & Plant Stands

For those who have limited floor space in their tiny terraces, opt to grow and store flowers at higher levels with a plant stand, planter or potting bench. Planting vertically rather than horizontally saves space and (in our opinion) also looks amazing. Rows of flowers and plants can line the edges of your garden, creating a natural aesthetic and allowing some of nature’s beauties and friendly inhabitants to visit your petite al fresco space.

Artificial Hanging & Potted Plants

If you’ve not got a green thumb or you struggle to find the time to take care of plants then artificial may be the way to go. Hanging plants are an excellent space saver as they’re off the ground and out of the way. Our hanging baskets are complete with lovely artificial flowers and foliage which look the part and are as low maintenance as they come. Topiary balls are also another great way to get greenery into your space without the hassle of constant care. You can match these with potted artificial topiary and cone trees to give the look of a floral garden without the added work. The pots allow them to be moved around easily so you can rearrange your garden as you wish.

However you decide to design your little outdoor retreat, make sure you make the most of your space and, most importantly, make it your own. With these tips you can turn even the smallest of gardens into your vision of paradise. Just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing!

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