Make the Most of Your Garden Parasol

Your garden parasol will always be there to shelter you no matter if it’s raining or sunny, keeping you cool, shaded, or sheltered from drizzle. Of course, there can be some exceptions to its use (as wind and heavy rain can cause damage) but the harsher weather isn’t nice to be in – even with a shelter – so hopefully this won’t ruin your enjoyment of your garden. With these helpful tips you can make the most of your parasol, keeping it looking and working as good as new for many years to come.

Grey Parasol Canopy

Pick the Perfect Spot

The best way to ensure that you get maximum usage from your parasol is to pick an ideal spot where it will get regular use all year round. For those of us who enjoy our morning coffee, socialising, and just being out in our gardens, a parasol will make sure that it is always possible for you to spend time outdoors by shielding you from any drizzle or bright sunshine. By placing it over a seating or sociable area you can guarantee that it will be used almost every time that the garden is occupied.

Use it as Intended

A parasol is a large garden umbrella, so it should be used in the same way as you would an umbrella. If there is some drizzle or a lot of sunshine and no wind then using it will be fine, but if the wind picks up you should take it down to prevent the wind from damaging it and anything surrounding it. Wind and heavier rain will cause damage so being vigilant and reacting quickly will keep it working and looking its best for longer.

Secure Your Parasol

Correctly securing your parasol is as important to its structural integrity as it is to your safety. With the correct base weights you can ensure that your parasol won’t fall over when it is in being used. You can also permanently secure the frame to the ground with some DIY which will stabilise it even further, but doing so would make the parasol difficult to rearrange and move around the garden.

Regularly Clean Your Parasol

Keeping it clean and pristine will ensure that your parasol is always ready for use and stays looking fantastic. If you don’t clean it when it needs it, you may find yourself opening it up to find dirt, mould, and even damage from where it has been left over time; if this was to happen at one of your garden parties or events you may find yourself embarrassed. By keeping a close eye on the condition of your parasol you can guarantee that it is always ready for use when you need it.

Add an Outdoor Heater

Adding a patio or outdoor heater to your seating area will allow you to use your parasol all year round, even when it’s chilly outside. They effectively heat the area, making you feel warm and toasty no matter how cold it is. As the heat rises from the nearby heater (never place a heater directly underneath your parasol), the umbrella will catch it and push it back down, keeping the warmth in your area.

Add Garden Lights or Choose an LED Parasol

Adding lights to your parasol or choosing an LED parasol will keep your area well lit for social occasions and general use. They’ll make everything easily visible, and might even help to set the mood, making you and your guests feel more relaxed.

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