Love Football? You’ll Love Our Football Goals!

COVID-19 has caused all of our lives to come to a sort of standstill, stopping us from doing the things we enjoy most just in case we catch the dreaded virus and pass it on. It doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be this way; we just need to use our human intuition and adapt to the times as we have so many times in the past. The most important thing for us to do in these unprecedented times is to make sure that we continue to do the things we love to keep our spirits high.

For all of you footy lovers out there, the pandemic may mean that your training sessions have been cancelled and you haven’t been able to play, but just because you can’t gather in a group of more than 6 it doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in some practice and have fun. Our Airwave Strike Football Goals are ideal for training, offering you a sturdy target for practicing shots as well as a piece of equipment for just messing around and having a kick about with others in your household.

Perfect Those Strikes

A necessary part of any footballer’s training regime should be target and shot practice. Correct placement of the ball is mandatory whether you’re a defender passing to a team mate or a striker shooting for a game winning goal. Our Airwave Strike Football Goal with Rebounder will help you hone in on those top bin and bottom corner shots, offering gaps in the rebounder for perfecting those targeted strikes.

Play Together & Have Fun

Let’s face it, football can be extremely boring on your own with no one to challenge you and block your strikes. Challenge the rest of your household to a game of small teams or a shoot out for a fun afternoon down at your local park or in the garden. You could also be creative and have fun with it by creating your own variations of the game. This will keep you all active as well as helping you to practice your techniques; it will also help keep all of your spirits up as you laugh and play together. With 2 of our football goals you could create a miniature pitch, perfect for 1-a-side or 2-a-side matches.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Rusty

No matter what sport you play, the more time away from it can result in a decline of your skill and confidence. Even the world’s best football player will face rustiness from an extended break which will cause their performance to drop. Even if you don’t follow a strict programme for training, just a leisurely passing, shooting or skill based game can maintain your skills by allowing you to utilise them. The saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” is very relevant here; by providing a top quality football goal, you’ll prevent any loss of performance and offer an incentive to keep up the sport.

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