Keeping Your Golf Trolley in Tip Top Condition

Regularly checking over your golfing equipment is very important for making it last longer and perform better. The same goes for regularly checking your golf trolley to ensure that everything is working as it should. If you catch a fault early on, it will prevent it causing a bigger and more expensive issue further down the line. Below are some ways that you can keep your golf trolley in the best condition possible.

Golf trolley in front of fountain

Give it a Test Run

Due to Coronavirus, we haven’t been able to get onto the course and play much golf. Because your trolley may have been stationary for some time, it may be a good idea to just use it in your garden and make sure everything is still working smoothly and as it should. This will save you finding any faults later down the line when you can go back to your local course.

Give Your Trolley a Clean

Being left in storage will cause dust and sometimes even moisture to linger on your golf trolley. These, if left over time, can damage your trolley, causing components to stiffen and become damaged. Giving your golf trolley a clean every now and then will prevent this from happening, keeping it working as good as new for longer. You can also take some of the parts off and clean these individually which will allow you to inspect them for any faults.

Replace Any Parts

If you notice anything not performing on your trolley, we have a range of golf trolley spares that will get yours back on the go. Whether it’s your wheel clutches, speed controller box or motor, you can find the perfect replacement with us. It is better to catch a broken part sooner rather than later, saving it from worsening and breaking other parts.

Consider New Accessories

With some golf trolley accessories, you can ensure that your return to the course will be as good as you imagine it will be. To combat the wet weather, you could attach an umbrella holder to your trolley that will hold your golf umbrella over you and your equipment as you play. Another great accessory is a cup holder, saving you from having to carry your drink around the course.

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