Keep the Garden Sociable Through Autumn

Autumn leaves being thrown in the air

The leaves are starting to change colour and the temperatures dropping, autumn is here but this doesn’t mean that we have to retreat indoors just yet! With the right tools, you can continue enjoying your garden throughout autumn and into winter. We’re on hand to provide you with the very best garden additions to keep your garden parties and events going, no matter what the weather decides to throw at you.

Pop-Up Gazebo

A pop-up gazebo should be at the forefront of your autumn defying arsenal. The shelter that they provide will ensure that your outdoor space can be used for any social gathering which is more important now than ever. With the pandemic it is important that we still socialise but under conditions that limit the spread of coronavirus. A gazebo would be your best friend as you’ll be able to gather comfortably underneath it while still having space to follow the government’s guidelines.

The pop-up design of our gazebos allow them to be put up and taken down in minutes, creating a temporary cover for any occasion; make sure you take it down after every use or if the wind gets too much to avoid any damage to the gazebo or other property.

White pop up Gazebo

Crank and Tilt & Cantilever Parasols

If a gazebo is too big and bulky for your garden, a parasol would be an excellent alternative. Either in cantilever or crank and tilt form, there is a vast range for you to choose from depending on the style and space in your garden. They are water resistant, making dealing with drizzle a dream; ours also come as standard with wind fighting materials and designs to limit the impact of light winds. A parasol would be best fitted to covering a relaxing seating area, keeping drizzle away from your intimate evening.

Garden parasol

However you decide to spend your autumn, make sure you take advantage of the outdoors and fresh air before winter rolls around. You’ll have to hibernate indoors through winter so it would be a waste to isolate yourself in your home just yet!

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