Is a garden gazebo suitable for your party?

Are you thinking about hosting a garden party but worried about the winter weather? A garden gazebo could be the perfect solution! An Airwave pop-up gazebo offers excellent shelter from unpredictable winter rain, winds and cold, and allows your guests to admire the outdoors if your event happens to fall on a beautiful sunny day.

Green party tent gazebo

What sizes are available?

Available sizes range from 2x2m to 3x6m, so you’ll be able to comfortably fit all your event’s guests. You won’t have to worry about being crammed into a small space or drifting around an echoing empty area.

For even larger gatherings we also offer a range of even bigger party tents. These come in sizes ranging from 3x3m to 3x9m. No matter the size of the gathering you’re hosting, we have a suitable party tent for you. There’s absolutely no need for winter to mean that your parties must take place indoors, or that your guests have to suffer in the cold and rain.

Will a gazebo fit my theme?

Our Airwave pop up gazebo range comes in a range of shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to find an option that’s suitable for your budget, party size and theme. Airwave products come in a wide range of colours including the classic white and grey as well as brighter colours like red and blue. You can easily fit a gazebo in with an icy winter theme or add a livelier splash of colour to brighten up your day.

There are a variety of shape options on offer including gazebos and canopies. Our products are available in hexagonal shapes as well as classic rectangular ones.

But isn’t a garden gazebo only good for summer?

An Airwave pop up gazebo is designed to offer cool shade in summer and keep the heat in during winter. The walls will keep light wind and rain out. If you decide to use an outdoor heater, the walls will help to keep this heat in and let your guests enjoy themselves in a comfortable, cosy, outdoor environment.

Our gazebo range will keep your guests dry and sheltered in wet weather. All seams are taped sealed and the gazebo itself will be coated with 170g PU waterproof polyester fabric. This waterproofing means that you won’t have to worry about partygoers having to deal with any unexpected leaks.

Won’t this take forever to set up?

The gazebo can be set up or put away in as little as 14 seconds. Having a quick set-up and take-down time means you’ll have more time to enjoy your party and do what you really want to do – spend time mingling with your guests.

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