How to securely store and protect your gazebos throughout winter

As the nights draw in and the temperature starts to fall, the opportunities for using your gazebo for garden parties are very infrequent. Now is the time to make sure that it is packed away safely so you can use it again next year as soon as the sun comes back out.

Green Gazebo

If it is not looked after carefully, it can be badly damaged over the winter months and you may even end up having to buy a new one in the spring. So, how do you protect a gazebo correctly over the winter?

Protecting the canvas of gazebos over the winter

If you have invested in an Airwave gazebo to enjoy in your garden over the summer, it is important that you protect the canvas over the winter months. The best way to do this is to make sure that the canvas is completely dry before you pack it away. If there is moisture on the canvas as it is stored over the winter, it can form mould spots which will cause permanent stains and look very unsightly.

Choose a dry day with a light breeze to dismantle your gazebo. Leave it out in the sunshine and keep turning it over so that all parts are dried. If you have left it too late and there are no dry days in the weather forecast, you can lay it out in a warm room inside your home for a few hours.

Storage bags and instructions for gazebos

Your Airwave gazebo will have come with a storage bag and instructions on how to erect it. It may be tempting to throw these away but they will come in very useful. The bag will be ideal for winter storage and the instructions will save you a lot of stress and time next summer.

Even though you think you will remember how to put the gazebo back up when the sun comes out, this is often not the case in practice. Often, we need to access the gazebo in a hurry because it has started to rain during a family barbecue. The most important thing is to remember where you have stored it!

Where to store your gazebos over the winter

The best storage place for your gazebo is somewhere cool and dry. If your shed or garage is waterproof, this would be ideal. Alternatively you could use your loft space as long as you can safely get the gazebo up the loft ladder. It is important that you do not store it on the floor as it could get trodden on and this can cause serious damage.

Now you know how to store your gazebo correctly over the winter. By taking a little time and care to store it correctly, your gazebo will last for many summers to come.

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