How to Put Up a Party Tent

With the weather looking up for summer, people’s thoughts tend to be drawn to the outside and making the most of our gardens and other outdoor spaces. Having a party tent in your back garden can help you to make use of the space, providing shade when it is too hot as well as protection from the inevitable showers. 

White party tents

Despite the name, party tents are great for use even if you are not having a party!

In this short guide, we’re going to take a look at how a party tent can be put up, as well as checking out the difference between party tents and party gazebos, so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Assembling a party tent

The first step when erecting a party tent is to find the best location in your garden. When assembling the tent it should go on a fairly level surface. Before you buy the tent, measure the area so you can get something of an appropriate size.

Once you’ve decided on the right space, begin to put up your tent by laying out the tarp on the floor, with the outside of the tent facing out. Use rocks or markers to signify where the poles will go.

Assemble the frame and attach the roof to the frame, before assembling and attaching the legs. It is advised that you seek help for this step, as this is far easier with a couple of extra pairs of hands.

Next up, the tarp should be thrown over the tent, pulling it tight over all of the legs, attaching to the frame as required. Finally, anchor your tent using guy ropes and stakes to protect it from the wind.

A party tent of 3x3m can fit around 18 people standing, if you go by 2 people per square metre, which is a good rule of thumb when looking at comfortable capacity. Fewer people would fit if they were sitting down, and fewer still if you need tables too.

The biggest difference between a tent and a party gazebo is that your party gazebo has optional sides. This makes a party gazebo ideal for shade from the sun, but less helpful in more adverse weather conditions. 

Some gazebos come with sides, and a pop-up gazebo can be ready to go in mere seconds, leaving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors!

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