How to protect your outdoor play equipment

This year has been a strange and challenging year for many families. Holidays have been cancelled, schools were temporarily closed and parents and carers found themselves unexpectedly working from home. But for many the one thing that saved summer was the glorious weather, which meant time could be spent outdoors.

Outdoor play equipment

Outdoor play equipment

Sales of outdoor furniture and outdoor play equipment saw a huge increase during lockdown. Those who invested in new equipment for their families have already benefited and had great value for money. However, now we are in autumn, the wet and windy weather will undoubtedly return and weather damage can be costly and inconvenient.

Protecting your play equipment during the harsh winter months is essential to stop it becoming damaged and ensure it is safe to use next spring. There are many practical ways you can do this and now is the perfect time.


Leisure trampolines are one of the most popular pieces of play equipment in gardens and benefit children in so many ways. This includes fitness, coordination and, of course, fresh air. The best way to protect a children’s trampoline is to buy a trampoline rain cover. These are easy to fit and protect the mat from water, snow and debris. The cover also means the trampoline can be used all year round. When the weather is warm enough, it is quick and easy to remove and replace the cover as needed.


Other popular play equipment such as a children’s swing set have also seen an increase in sales. The sets come with a toddler and child seat so young children and older siblings can play together at the same time.

Traditionally made of steel, a children’s swing set can develop rust or weather damage if not protected during the winter months. To keep a children’s swing set in good condition keep the joints lubricated and the frame covered with a plastic cover that is easy to fit and remove.

Always tighten the joints before use and check the frame is firmly secured to the ground and hasn’t come loose before use after the winter.


In extreme weather it may be a good idea to protect your outdoor play equipment from permanent damage.

If secured to the ground in an exposed area without protection, it may be worth considering moving it to be stored either under cover if possible, or alongside a boundary fence or wall to shield from the wind. There have been many stories of trampolines ending up in the neighbours garden after a storm!

Make sure it is away from large trees and be sure to check for loose branches and get them professionally cut back if required.

Children love playing outdoors in all weathers and being able to play outdoors in the safety of your own home is a luxury, especially in these unusual times. Protecting the equipment and ensuring it is safe and ready to use will mean everyone can look forward to the spring.

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