How to Host the Perfect BBQ Party

Lockdown is lifting more and more as the number of cases drop, meaning that if we continue to be vigilant and stay safe, we can be back to our normal sociable lives in no time. In light of the recent changes to our rules – which allow outdoor gatherings with up to 30 people – we have been thinking about how to host the perfect BBQ. Keep on reading to find out exactly what you can do to make your BBQs spectacular this summer!

BBQ Party

Use a Garden Shelter

Living in the UK, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, going from sunshine to drizzle within the same hour. By providing your guests with a sturdy shelter such as a gazebo or even a parasol, you can eliminate the possibility of this causing your garden gathering to come to an abrupt end. While your BBQ may be put out by the weather, you’ll all be able to carry on as you were, laughing and enjoying your time together again. Just be careful of the wind and heavy rain as these can cause damage to temporary shelters by putting a lot of strain on the structure and saturating the materials.

Create an Outdoor Bar

The rule of 6 still applies indoors so putting in as many measures to prevent a build up in the house is very important. Of course guests may need to go inside to use the bathroom, but by having your drinks and food in the garden already, there won’t be need for more people to be in your home than necessary. You can go as big or as small as you want with your outdoor bar, either just using your pop up gazebo and a table for a temporary bar or by putting in a permanent one that can stay up all year long.

Introduce Fun Games

No garden BBQ party is complete without a few games, no matter how old or young your guests are. This can especially help with any awkwardness that may follow from being unsocial for the duration of the pandemic by giving your guests an easy activity to bond over. With a card, board or even a drinking game you can get everyone involved and enjoying their time together, even if they feel a bit anxious about attending.

Set the Mood with Music

A staple of any kind of party, music is a must-have for setting the atmosphere. Without music or ambient background noise it may be too quiet, making you and your guests feel slightly awkward. Using a portable speaker that can be used outdoors, you can play your favourite upbeat music to set the tone of the party and maybe even get everyone dancing – it’s been a while since any of us have been able to do that with our friends!

Most Importantly, Enjoy Yourself!

Overall, the most important part of hosting a killer BBQ party is to genuinely enjoy yourself. By letting loose and not being bothered by any small inconveniences, you can ensure that it will be a great gathering. Even if things go wrong, your guests will still be having a good time if you are too!

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